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The world's most private rehab clinic -Curing addiction the natural way
Updated: Apr 12

The Mercui Recovery is a private institution specializing in rehabilitation programs for the mental health of VIPs, UHNWIs and prominent figures. Absolute discretion, trust and humanity take first priority with us. The Mercui Recovery is managed by a family who has been working privately with addictive and people who have mental health problems for long time. Discretion is one of our top rules. The team of doctors are subject to professional confidentiality. All internal and external employees have to sign a Code of Conduct, which includes a duty of absolute confidentiality towards third parties. The careful selection, respectful treatment and good remuneration of all team members contribute to fulfilling this duty in the best way. Since our clients are self-payers, no files are created with third-party societies such as health insurance companies. Electronic correspondence is encrypted through an IT security concept. Our VIP pick-up service guarantees anonymity. Each client is free to admit themselves under their own name or a pseudonym.The place where our clients are staying is kept secret from third parties.

What do you get in these clinics?

Anonymity and privacy are thesine qua non of treatment centres.

There’s nothing easier than getting and staying clean when you’re in treatment. It’s dealing with daily life that’s the problem.

The Mercui Recovery is a private, family owned-operated facility specialising in rehabilitation programs for mental health. Our offer is aimed at international, exclusive figures looking for a private rehabilitation program tailored to them in a luxurious environment.

Absolute discretion, trust and humanity take top priority luxury rehab clinic with us and we offer individual counselling and state-of-the-art psychiatry. luxury rehab centre drug & addiction treatment The unique concept, our team and our highly qualified network of experts guarantee tailored precision medicine and individual one-to-one premium support for your intellectual and physical health.

Our clients are self-payers, which ensures that absolute discretion and secrecy are possible in the first place.

The Best Recovery Center for Addiction and Mental Health
Updated: Apr 12

Actual care is tailored to each client, both overall and through daily adjustments as needed. Such individualization is based, at least initially, on medical assessments such as EEG brain scans and extensive laboratory tests that check for imbalances in neurotransmitters or amino acids; glucose or nutrient deficiency; internal inflammation and oxidative cell stress; adrenal and endocrine problems as well as glandular functions drug & addiction treatment and bowel health. Biochemical restoration allows to prescribe a specific line of supplements and probiotic supplements that are tailored to the needs of the customer, as well as other treatments that may be beneficial to individuals.

Treatment can focus on chronic pain, trauma, abuse, personality disorder, depression or burnout, as well as other disorders or problems. The treatment staff consists of psychiatrists, addiction counselors, a psychotherapist, doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, a yoga therapist, personal trainers and a mental retreat nutritionist.

Clients can stay in a hotel for an additional fee . Treatment protocol and team Detox is available outside the hospital if needed. Inpatient treatment usually takes four to eight weeks. Generally because of the 15-to-1 ratio of staff to client, clients spend eight to 10 hours a day either in individual therapy or in other forms of fully individualized treatment. The client has a 24-hour live-in therapist and 24-hour medical care and is also subjected to a series of medical examinations.

Clients usually go through a mix of psychotherapy, psychoeducation, lifestyle and spiritual coaching, yoga, addiction counseling, EMDR, CBT, spiritual counseling, biofeedback and bio resonance.

Outpatient and follow-up care is calculated luxury recovery bespoke addiction treatment on an hourly or daily basis, with a proposed plan presented in advance. The plan may include a therapist who travels back with the client to support ongoing individual therapy as well as family or couple therapy. In addition, it can be an ongoing dietary supplement and medication, or remote monitoring by the facility’s chief psychiatrist by phone or Skype.

Mercui Recovery is an elite category of rehabilitation and is aimed at those looking for discretion, luxury living, lots of amenities, a thorough medical exam and countless therapeutic modalities.'

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